Preston Plucknett and the Flax Industry

[At Preston Pluckett was] situated the factory to which was sent the flax grown in the surrounding district. The demand for the increased production of flax led to the breaking up in 1917 – 18 of much land which was under pasture. A part of the Yeovil and South Somerset Golf Club’s course was thu..

North Petherton and agriculture

War Work North Petherton is a large wicker-work centre and those engaged in the industry worked at high pressure to execute Government contracts for chairs for the wounded, shell cases, and baskets for apples and other fruits. The Munition works at Dunball and the aeroplane works at Burnham-on-Sea..

Saved by his shaving brush

The parish return for Martock tells us the following... Private Harold Salisbury of the Dragoon Guards who was wounded in the Battle of St Quentin wrote home to his parents Mr and Mrs George Salisbury of Coat Road :- “ I am a lucky man to be alive at all. A shrapnel shell killed my horse and a pie..

Marston Magna where the cider apples grow

A Wartime Industry Marston Magna witnessed an interesting development in one of its local industries during the First World War. The parish situated in an apple growing district in which large quantities of cider were produced was the home to the Marston Magna Cider and Fruit Production Company. ..

A Prisoner of War

26 Aug 1914 I suddenly thought the world had fallen on me, being caught by a bullet which rather knocked me endways for a bit….I met a stretcher bearer who…helped me to a dressing station fixed up in the local school…Got hold of a farm cart which was soon filled with wounded and started off South w..