A shrapnel wound

Joseph Hansford Ainslie Hill (1887-1969), was born in Charlton Musgrove and died in Congresbury. His family was well known in Paulton for several hundred years.

He resigned his commission in the Somerset regiment and enlisted, as a Private, in the Hampshire regiment, as he wanted to see more 'action'.

He was awarded 'Pip, Squeak and Wilfred' (1914-1918 campaign medals) and also the 1919 medal for Afghanistan, North West Frontier.

It was here that he was shot between the eyes. He survived after having part of the protruding bullet removed.

Whilst on Home Guard duty (Weston super Mare) during the Second World War, he wore a tin helmet and suffered bad headaches.

In 1947 he had an X-Ray and the rest of the bullet was found in situ! This was removed, leaving a definite dent between his eyes.

Contributed by the daughter in law of Jospeh Hill.

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Published 5 years ago by Archivist - Somerset Remembers

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