A voyage to India

19 Oct 1914  Entering Southampton, people in their gardens cheered, thinking we’re off to France. Went right into the docks and eventually on board the Alnwick Castle…

18 Oct 1914  Reached Malta today…I’m sick of this boat; there is such a crowd, and the atmosphere tween decks is foul. Ginger Hutchings is in a hammock on one side of me he snores like a bull…

20 Oct 1914  Sun helmets served out today

22 Oct 1914  Arrived Port Said early in morning. Interesting place, everybody cheering. What for I don’t know. Our tub soon surrounded by natives in boats selling cigarettes and Turkish delight…

3 Nov 1914   Up at 4am swabbing decks in bare feet with a gang of fellows…one or tow of the ships in our convoy have fever aboard and fly the yellow flag. So far we have escaped…

6 Nov 1914   Sports in the afternoon, fine fun; good view from top of a ventilator. F Company won nothing. Third mate knocked all comer in pillow fight on the greasy pole over water…

9 Nov 1914   Arrived off Bombay at midday. Looks a fine place; great bustle on board. Colour Sgt. Wheadon rushing about and everybody giving orders, but nobody carrying them out. Fone and I apparently still attached to our slave gang to clean the ship up to the last minute.


Private Ewing remained in India until 1 Nov 1915.

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Published 5 years ago by Archivist - Somerset Remembers

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