Dispatch Rider from Watchet

Corporal Bromley Penny .Corporal F. Bromley Penny of Watchet - Despatch Rider (Royal Engineers)- 161600 Service No.

The only Watchet person to be decorated for bravery in both World Wars.

During a spell of hard fighting, the despatch riders were called upon to convey a message to another sector.Seven brave riders died trying to get through.

As to attempt this journey seemed to mean going to certain death, volunteers were called for. Corporal penny volunteered and, not only succeeded in getting through, but also returned with a reply with only a few grazes.

For this he was awarded the MILITARY MEDAL, conferment of the medal was announced in the London Gazette and F.B. Penny earned the righjt to add the letters M.M. to his name.

Jim Nicholas, Watchet Market House Museum

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Published 4 years ago by Watchet Market House Museum

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