Edith Graves-Knyfton (1876-1964) - A Lady of Leisure

Reginald Graves-Knyfton, Edith’s husband, c. 1913

(Courtesy of Graves-Knyfton Archive)


Uphill Castle, also known as Uphill Manor, home of the Graves-Knyfton family, c. 1911

(North Somerset Council and Somerset County Council Heritage Service, 2014)


Edith Graves-Knyfton worked as Vice-President for the British Red Cross for Weston-super-Mare District


A Lady of Leisure 

Edith Mary Alston was born in Oakhill in 1876. Her early years were spent with family or away at school in London. She married Reginald Graves-Knyfton in 1897.

Edith moved into Reginald’s family home Uphill Castle which she renamed Uphill Manor. They had two daughters, Marjorie and Joan. The Graves-Knyftons were the leading family in Uphill. Edith helped to run the family estate and support community life.

Sensing that war was likely Edith joined the British Red Cross and Reginald the Territorial Army. He was Captain of E Company, the 1/4th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry, known as the ‘Weston Rifles’ because they were recruited in Weston-super-Mare.

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David Page wrote:

Monday 29 January 2018 12:03 PM
My wife and I have only recently moved up here from Plymouth. We have bought a house on Westbury Crescent which has been built on land once owned by Uphill Manor estate. Is there any history and photographs available of this land situated just North and West of Uphill railway junction please.

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