Edith Graves-Knyfton (1876-1964) - A War Widow

Lady Mountbatten visits La Retraite School which had been turned into a British Red Cross Hospital during the Second World War, Weston-super-Mare, 14 August 1943

(North Somerset Council and Somerset County Council Heritage Service, 2014)


Edith Graves-Knyfton and her daughter Marjorie, c. 1940

(Courtesy of Graves-Knyfton Archive)


Edith Graves-Knyfton worked as Vice-President for the British Red Cross for Weston-super-Mare District


A War Widow

Widowed by the war, Edith continued to run the family estate at Uphill, support village life and organise the work of the British Red Cross in North Somerset.

When the Second World War broke out in 1939, Edith trained British Red Cross volunteer nurses and cadets and led the fundraising effort.

When the war ended, Edith contributed to Uphill’s Welcome Home Fund for returning service men and women. She also helped set-up Uphill Victory Hall, designed as a memorial to all who served in the two World Wars. 

Edith died on 21 December 1964 aged 88.


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