The First World War changed family life. Women found new roles and responsibilities. Children also contributed to the war effort. Somerset families experienced great upheaval as thousands of men joined the armed forces.

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North Petherton and agriculture

War Work North Petherton is a large wicker-work centre and those engaged in the industry worked at high pressure to execute Government contracts for chairs for the wounded, shell cases, and baskets for apples and other fruits. The Munition works at Dunball and the aeroplane works at Burnham-on-Sea..

Taunton Red Cross Hospital

Comandant, Mrs. G. Fowler. Lady Superintendent, Miss R. Fry. Quartermaster, Mrs. Crump. Assistant Quartermasters, Mrs. Key and Mrs. Penny.   The Priory Schools were opened as a hospital on Feb 7th 1916 with 50 beds. During the year this number was increased to 100, two perry sheds having been ..

Ladies on the land.

Women were first encouraged to help in agriculture after a meeting held in May 1915 and in August Lady Hylton was appointed President of the Somerset War Agricultural Committee. The summer of 1916 saw the beginning of employment of women on farms. In March 1917 the National Service scheme was intro..