A Prisoner of War

26 Aug 1914 I suddenly thought the world had fallen on me, being caught by a bullet which rather knocked me endways for a bit….I met a stretcher bearer who…helped me to a dressing station fixed up in the local school…Got hold of a farm cart which was soon filled with wounded and started off South w..

A voyage to India

19 Oct 1914  Entering Southampton, people in their gardens cheered, thinking we’re off to France. Went right into the docks and eventually on board the Alnwick Castle… 18 Oct 1914  Reached Malta today…I’m sick of this boat; there is such a crowd, and the atmosphere tween decks is foul. Ginger Hutc..

Aliens in Somerset.

At the outbreak of war German civilians living in Britain were required to register under the Aliens Registration Act; those that were in breach of the act were subject to criminal convictions and imprisonment. The registers for the County Gaol at Shepton Mallet show ‘Aliens’ who were punished for ..